Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting Darker, Getting Faster

Like the crazy girl I am, I talked Anna into running the E.T. Midnight 10K with me in Rachel, Nevada-A 2 1/2 hour drive away to a race that starts at 1am for the 10k-ers. So we strapped on our glow necklaces, headlamps, and matching alien green running tops and ran under the full moon. Seriously, I watched a group of coyotes cross the highway ahead of me...creeeeepy!

Even though I was recovering from an injury from our 9 miler 2 weeks before, I made a new personal record! Yea me!

Race Stats:
Placed: 24 out of 40
Distance:10K (even though it was really 6.47miles)
Total time: 1:20:45
Pace: 12:47 min/mile

Anna finished 14th! Way to go girl!!!!

Disneyland is only 4 weeks away!!!!