Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fat Boy 5K - Fun Run!

This is definitely one of my favorite runs of the year. Not because of the donuts, brats, and beer after the race. . . but because they actually take time off my total for my giant ass! They take off a second per pound. For me that equaled 3 whole minutes and 28 seconds! HOORAY! Although that really doesn't count for much since the same people still win (they get to take the time off too) It still gives me some vindication for running at my size! OH! And I almost forgot. The T-shirt is hilarious! Who wouldn't wanna run with a giant beer gut Elvis on a T!

Also, what was great about this run was that my honey was doing it with me! Although he wasn't really "with me" most of the time. I loved seeing his face at the finish line waiting for me!

Race Results: 39:33 (my real time 43:01)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

love to run IN THE RAIN!

Is started out gray but the rain hadn't set it for the Run For A Wish 5K. My friend Katie and I kept moving to stay warm. Then right as the starting gun sounded so did the RAIN! It was great! It was like an adventure to slosh through the puddles and kick up the rocks and I pumped through the streets. I think I may try some more trail running after this!

Race Results: unbelievably slower than last time even though I had the rain to keep me cool 42:30 Average pace time 13:43 per mile