Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sprint TRI Lessons #1

Today I did a "practice" triathlon out at Lake Mead with XCELL and was totally surprised by the results. Lesson learned:

1. I can run after biking almost 14 miles!
2. I can bike after swimming 800 meters!
3. I will finish IronGirl!
4. Wet suits make open water swimming 1000% better!
5. Pack an inhaler on my bike and in my water bottle for the run (oh, and...).
6. Don't forget a water bottle for the run!
7. Body Glide behind my knees too.
8. Oops! Need a goofy TRI suit so I can wear a sports bra. Running in a bathing suit without one..not recommended!
9. Climbing harder than you ever have before makes you soar faster than before!
10. I love to TRI!!!!

Finishing time: 2:14:34 (800meter swim, 13.4mi bike, 1.5mi run)