Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Coached on...

I met with Zoe, a running coach, at Starbucks a few weeks ago. She gave me a bunch of pointers and a plan to get me half-marathon ready by September. I scribbled all this on a Starbucks napkin that I have been shlugging around for weeks now. Really!

Hey! I have an idea....why don't I copy it here and then it won't get lost!

Her tips:

  • Read Chi Running (I ordered it and have read some) It has some useful advice!
  • "Running is just controlled falling" Lean forward at your ankles!
  • Run with empty toilet paper rolls to keep hands loose. Graduate to potato chips when I feel I've got it and can run without crushing them
  • Arms: elbows back, thumbs up, don't cross mid-section, keep low
  • Chin: With hand in thumbs up, rest your fist on your chest. Your thumb should be just touching your chin
  • Sprint for 100 steps during long intervals
  • Hill work once/week: Run up, walk down a few times. Stay on the balls of your feet and use short strides
  • Check out for a running coach with Tim Kelly at Village Runner (Roadrunners)
  • Get good shoe fit from James Johnston @ Athlete's Foot on W. Sahara. He will know more running coaches to get in touch with on my side of town.
My Plan NOW:
  • Continue intervals: Run 12 min/walk 2 min, Run 5 min/walk 2 min (sprint 100 steps in middle of some runs) for 30 min 2/week
  • Long Run on Saturdays! (See long runs below)
  • Hill work 1/week
The Long Runs: (she called this tapering up to a race, but that term doesn't make sense to me me...doesn't tapering mean getting smaller, not bigger?)
  • June 7- 3m
  • June 14-4m
  • June 21st-5m
  • June 28th-3m (5k weekend MM)
  • July 5th-6m
  • July 12th-3m (MagicMile)
  • July 19th-7m
  • July 26th-4m (MM)
  • Aug. 2nd-8m
  • Aug. 9th-5m (10K weekend MM)
  • Aug. 16th-10m
  • Aug. 23rd-12m
  • Aug. 30th- 8m
*Edited schedule on 6/4/09 to use MM from Jeff Galloways's training site that uses the run/walk approach that often use. Run 2min/walk 1min/repeat :)

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